With over a decade of teaching experience in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions, Lauren is one of the most sought after vocal educators in the country. In her teaching, she employs a strong emphasis on building self-esteem and vocal technique. In 2016 she was appointed Head of Jazz Voice at the Elder Conservatorium of Music at the University of Adelaide and she is also currently registered with the Teachers Registration Board of South Australia. Lauren has completed her Certificate of Figure Proficiency in the Estill Voice model.


Lauren is available for individual/group lessons, masterclasses and workshops. 



“...Mary Poppins with a modern twist walked in the day Lauren Henderson started teaching my children singing. We found Lauren to be such a good teacher for the kids in so many ways, she is tough when she needs to be, inspiring most of the time and at all times a someone that is authentically caring, caring about the child as an individual and about why they are learning to sing. Lauren clearly has a passion for music and singing and wants to bring out the best in each student and that was always evident. We greatly appreciate the time that she spent with our family and our children are richer for it.” – Renee (mother of one of Lauren’s students)

“I have had lots of music teachers and Lauren is by far one that I will always remember. I always looked forward to my lesson every week. She always made lessons very fun and enjoyable with her humour. She always let me learn songs that I enjoyed and I liked that she could play with me on piano when I was singing. I love how she relates to kids and how she likes batman. If you want a teacher that is fun and who will make you good at singing she is the way to go for sure.” – Sterling (10 years old)

“Lauren is a fantastic teacher, full of energy and knowledge! Every lesson I had with her made sense and she encouraged me to grow with my music. Thanks to Lauren I now have a solid introduction into the world of jazz!” – Gabrielle (BA Jazz Performance, The Elder Conservatorium)

“Lauren’s incredible singing ability is equally matched with her dedicated teaching prowess. Every lesson she worked above and beyond to help me reach my full potential and grow not only as a singer but as a person. She always put me first, making sure I always felt comfortable, nevertheless, she always knew the best way to motivate me and tackle things I never even dreamt of doing. Lauren is not only a gifted musician and teacher, but also an inspiring mentor who designs each lesson specifically to fit the individual student. I would, without a doubt, definitely recommend her for any beginning, intermediate or advanced singer who wanted to find their voice and sing with confidence” (Jess – Henley High student)